FoW - Flames of War Rules 

Got them toady. The "main" Rulebook. And the Intelligence Handbook(s) for Mid-war (1942-1943) Africa/Mediterranean Campaign(s).

I play the Brits while a friend is eagerly waiting for his DAK Minis to arrive. I'll probably collect the LRDG and the SAS too. But that is another story and not for today ;-)
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The whole bunch of available miniatures. My thanks to Philibert for this preorder deal.

1 x Rule book
1 x Regiment Box Demons
1 x Regiment Box Mislead
1 x Regiment Box Scaracen
1 x Regiment Box Westerners
1 x Preorder Miniature (Mercenary)
1 x Terrain Pieces (Packing Crates)

Merry Happy am I :)
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Hasslefree Goodies 

A few goodies from Hasslefree and even a t-shirt for me.

While the picture isn't that good the goodies are.
One Patrice Pirate, a bunch of pulp-cultists, a naked Artemis and another Haremslave.
I just love Hasslefree.
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Future War /AD2000 / MegaCity One Gangs #1 

One of my girl-gangs, originally painted for the "Future War" ruleset. I'm not so keen of the bases (as well as some colors), but generally I think they can be used in a small skirmish game.

And my Judge Dredd wanted some opponents.
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Easter 2007 -the Foundry Dallimore book 
My, I got productive over the Easter Weekend. LOL

Last year I ordered the Foundry Painting Book Deal
(the one with Kevin's signature, the minis and the colors
used in one huge package).
I finally talked myself into painting the minis with the colors.
Look what came out:

AD2000 / Judge Dredd

Foundry Orc

Foundry macedonians

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