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Männimolen Why doesn't this blog update anymore??

Simple. My health has gone way down and right now I've got to take a lot of painkillers. The hands are shaking, concentration isn't there. I stopped reading in the various forums I am/was member of.

There's a bit of surgery coming next so I changed my miniatures painting items to aquarells, pastells and charcoals. These were the mediums I started working with prior to my discovery of the miniature painting joy.

The sad (or funny) thing (depending) is that I can't paint miniatures right now as I am shaking, but it doesn't disturb my watercolors in no way.

Ah heck, perhaps I can show some paintings if everything goes fine.
Until then I wish you all many happy painting hours.

Jo aka artshiraz
Terrain building corner

My very own Terrain building corner Madness.
You'll find almost everything there. About the only thing missing is finding some "free" room to get something done. ;-)]]>
New Rules

From Valmy to Waterloo, Miniature Wargaming Rules for 5-15mm Miniatures]]>
Wargods: Anubi Warband The Anubi

The whole Warband consists of

Snofret-Haj : Harbinger of Anubi
Neriett : Anubi Embalmer
Sarn-Al : Anubi Hero
2 x Anubi Warrior Units (1x Green Belt / 1x Blue Belt)
1 x Anubi Archer Unit

The plan is to add a second Archer Unit and one (1) Chariot as well.
But not today ;)

The image is more than bad and I do hope I will sometime (soon) master the art of mini-photographing enough to put "well done" pictures on this site.]]>
Hell Dorado 1 : Saracen I finally started on the first warband, the Saracen. Opposite to my "normal" common way of painting, I primed them white. Mainly because I want to try and get the colors more "bright".

The first of my Sarazen: The war panther. I didn't want a customary black Panther thus she got a blue coat.

The demons have also been primed, in my customary black. Hey, they are Demons and so a more dark, brooding color is okay I would think.]]>
Wadi Wafra #1

Snofret-Haj, my Harbinger of Anubi and his merry Warband are inspecting the field of their future activities.;-)]]>
FoW - Flames of War Rules

Got them toady. The "main" Rulebook. And the Intelligence Handbook(s) for Mid-war (1942-1943) Africa/Mediterranean Campaign(s).

I play the Brits while a friend is eagerly waiting for his DAK Minis to arrive. I'll probably collect the LRDG and the SAS too. But that is another story and not for today ;-)]]>
The whole bunch of available miniatures. My thanks to Philibert for this preorder deal.

1 x Rule book
1 x Regiment Box Demons
1 x Regiment Box Mislead
1 x Regiment Box Scaracen
1 x Regiment Box Westerners
1 x Preorder Miniature (Mercenary)
1 x Terrain Pieces (Packing Crates)

Merry Happy am I :)]]>
Hasslefree Goodies

A few goodies from Hasslefree and even a t-shirt for me.

While the picture isn't that good the goodies are.
One Patrice Pirate, a bunch of pulp-cultists, a naked Artemis and another Haremslave.
I just love Hasslefree.]]>
Future War /AD2000 / MegaCity One Gangs #1

One of my girl-gangs, originally painted for the "Future War" ruleset. I'm not so keen of the bases (as well as some colors), but generally I think they can be used in a small skirmish game.

And my Judge Dredd wanted some opponents.]]>