a dwarf mine 
The place where we meet weekly wants to participate in the upcoming GW Summer campaign. Each of us has to do some piece of terrain. AFAIK there are woods, treehouses, graveyards in the works.

My own piece will be a Dwarf mine. Fitting, don't you think, as the campaign resolves around some obscure thingamagik lost by dwarves and found again.

The place is still very WIP (that's work in progress) but I think you get the general idea.
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The start of a blog? 
How should I start a blog? And why? And how do I do that?

See. Blogging isn't as simple as some people might think. A well. Everyone has to start somewhere I guess. Why shouldn't I start here?!

I'm not very gifted if it comes to HTML and webspaces. Hell, my very website is a mess I do plan to rewamp sometime in the future. Let's just say I start this thing here and we leave the rest to my hands. In the future. Probably. Ah well.

Männimolen is some Mutt version text meaning Painting guys (or 'lil guys)in Luxemburgish. I do intend use this place here as a showcase for my (more or less) good work. Miniatures and terrainmaking are favorites hobbies. And I hope you'll like some of the things you perhaps will see here :-)

Oh and don't worry about updates. Sometimes I will update. And more often I don't. I'm not keen on slavish day-by-day progress (and really can't due to different constraints). But now and then I do hope to make some major announcement here.

So without further delay... let's start populate this place, shall we *grins*
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