MAC 2007 Minis 
I really couldn't attend this convention without spending a little Money on Minis.

The special Mini-Art-Con 2007 Figure came with the entrance fee. Got myself a miniature from Tins and Bits, a company I didn't know before.
Couldn't really go without some Freebooters as well. And finally some Masquerade Minis. The snowman was a free gift.

Something I know for sure: I'll be back at MAC 2008.
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Mini-Art-Con MAC 2007 
..It was a blast. Seriousely.

I did have an entry for the Red Devil Contest. Though when I saw the other works I decided on a whim not to enter the competition. Guess I have to work harder for next year.

Mini Art Con
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GW Dwarfes 
The cannon and crew from the new Warhammer Fantasy battle Starter Box

Painted 02/2007
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15 mm DBA ..first batch 
I hear a lot about DBA, so when I came across DBA Army Boxes from Corvus Belli I thought I give it a try.

15mm Numidians (still very WIP)

I have to lookup the bases as I'm not sure which base has to have what width, etc..

And I still have 15mm Romans to look at. :-)
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Hasslefree Jenova 
I just plainly love Hasslefree Minis.

This one here is an interesting sculpt from Kev White.

Painted Mai/June 2005 (I think)

Hasslefree Minis
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