Why doesn't this blog update anymore?? 
Yes, why?


Simple. My health has gone way down and right now I've got to take a lot of painkillers. The hands are shaking, concentration isn't there. I stopped reading in the various forums I am/was member of.

There's a bit of surgery coming next so I changed my miniatures painting items to aquarells, pastells and charcoals. These were the mediums I started working with prior to my discovery of the miniature painting joy.

The sad (or funny) thing (depending) is that I can't paint miniatures right now as I am shaking, but it doesn't disturb my watercolors in no way.

Ah heck, perhaps I can show some paintings if everything goes fine.
Until then I wish you all many happy painting hours.

Jo aka artshiraz

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Terrain building corner 

My very own Terrain building corner Madness.
You'll find almost everything there. About the only thing missing is finding some "free" room to get something done. ;-)
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New Rules 
Some ebay auction I won:

From Valmy to Waterloo, Miniature Wargaming Rules for 5-15mm Miniatures
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Wargods: Anubi Warband 
I finished painting the first Wargods of AEgyptus minis:
The Anubi

The whole Warband consists of

Snofret-Haj : Harbinger of Anubi
Neriett : Anubi Embalmer
Sarn-Al : Anubi Hero
2 x Anubi Warrior Units (1x Green Belt / 1x Blue Belt)
1 x Anubi Archer Unit

The plan is to add a second Archer Unit and one (1) Chariot as well.
But not today ;)

The image is more than bad and I do hope I will sometime (soon) master the art of mini-photographing enough to put "well done" pictures on this site.
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Hell Dorado 1 : Saracen 
As promised I try to show -now and then- some progress reports on the Hell Dorado.
I finally started on the first warband, the Saracen. Opposite to my "normal" common way of painting, I primed them white. Mainly because I want to try and get the colors more "bright".

The first of my Sarazen: The war panther. I didn't want a customary black Panther thus she got a blue coat.

The demons have also been primed, in my customary black. Hey, they are Demons and so a more dark, brooding color is okay I would think.
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